Tips on Selecting a Toothpaste Best for Your Dental Care

Dental-Care-YarnDental-Care-YarnDental-Care-YarnDental-Care-YarnThere are various products and tools that are used for maintaining and promoting optimal dental health, but none is as important and useful as toothpaste. This product is used by people for brushing and cleaning the teeth on a regular basis. Ever since we are children, we are taught to brush our teeth twice a day as this can keep them free of any damage. This is done with the use of toothpaste that can not only clean the teeth completely, but also contain ingredients that can provide minerals and protection to the teeth against any sort of damage or risk. The problem is that a myriad of toothpastes can be found in the market today. It is a billion dollar industry because it guarantees sure sales, being a necessity.


There is no generic toothpaste that can be chosen by every individual for keeping their teeth and gums in the perfect condition. This is due to the fact that every individual has a different mouth and their oral health is also different. All toothpastes address some dental issue or problem and may or may not be for both children and adults. When the best toothpaste has to be chosen for the family, people should have some knowledge about the different types that can be found in the market. Then only will they be able to make an informed decision.

Children’s Toothpaste

Every parent should do some research before they select the toothpaste that will be used by their children. The toothpaste has to be safe and beneficial for the little ones. It is easy to find toothpastes with candy and bubblegum flavors, but they typically contain toxic ingredients, which can have harmful effects when swallowed by the kids. Therefore, when toothpaste for children has to be selected, it is best to avoid brands that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), fluoride and saccharin in heavy amounts.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste

For years, the best toothpaste was described as one that contained fluoride. Every dentist recommended this toothpaste because fluoride had the ability of inhibiting bacteria growth in the mouth, which could eliminate problems like plaque buildup, tooth decay and even cavities. As a matter of fact, even damaged areas could be re-mineralized by fluoride and this was a huge benefit. But, additional research unearthed that this ingredient was toxic and could have serious consequences for individuals in the long run. Therefore, a large number of people now choose to use fluoride free toothpaste for brushing and cleaning their teeth.

SLS Free Toothpaste

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a common ingredient in various toothpastes because it has been declared beneficial by numerous dentists. SLS has foaming properties and act as a disinfectant due to which it can be found in different personal care products. However, it can be dangerous and risky for individuals who suffer from allergies or have sensitive teeth because SLS gives rise to flare ups. That’s why; a large number of people are now preferring to get SLS free toothpaste.

Thus, the best toothpaste can be different for every individual, depending on their need.

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